Zachary Lawson

In a Nutshell… The issue of origins is knotty topic. In order to address it properly, there are several important distinctions to keep in mind. First, the age of the universe vs evolution – the old earth does not have any bearing on the diversity of life. Second, the scientific data vs […]

Evolution or Creation or Both?

Natural Theology – the enterprise of providing reasons and arguments for the existence of God independent of Scripture A Posteriori – arguments dependent on experience or empirical evidence Cosmological Arguments – facts about the universe Teleological Arguments – evidences for design Historical Arguments – evidence from the past A Priori – arguments independent […]

The Ontological Argument

This argument is based upon an argument originally proposed by the famous mathematician and Christian apologist Gottfried Leibniz. It is a type of cosmological argument that does not invoke the beginning of the universe, but rather the explanatory structure of the universe. Definitions Necessity: A being’s existence is metaphysically necessary […]

Argument from Contingency