Is There a Christian Solution to Racial Problems? with Dr. George Yancey

Is There a Christian Solution to Racial Problems?

Racial tensions pose problems for any worldview. Multiple models have been proposed by propoents of various viewpoints, but, ultimately fall incomplete. In this lecture, Dr. Yancey discusses the landscape of racial conflict today and discusses the unique solutions offered from a Christian perspective.

About Dr. Yancey

After graduating West Texas State University with a B. S. in Economics, Dr. Yancey attended the University of Texas at Austin and received his doctorate in Sociology in 1995. He first began to study interracial romance but then was fortunate enough to work with Michael Emerson on a half-million dollar grant to study multiracial churches. A few years ago Dr. Yancey begin to study academic bias and now has also conducted research on anti-Christian attitudes in the United States. In 1999 Dr. Yancey began teaching at the University of North Texas, and today is working to establish a program for Christian Studies at that institution. It will be the first center that concentrates on conducting critical, but nonhostile, research that helps Christians to better serve their communities and the larger society.
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