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In the Season 2 finale, Zach & Andrew sit down to talk with Dr. Neal Audenaert, Texas A&M Class of ‘01. Neal has worked on a wide range of projects in computer science and digital humanities such as the Special Divine Action Project sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. He is […]

S2E13 Dr. Neal Audenaert – Interview

A Bahá’í and Christian dialogue on the nature of humanity’s spiritual relationship with science. About: “Here Am I” in spiritual writings, or as Christ said it: “I Am”, is our gateway to a scientific and spiritual investigation of the nature of consciousness and its significance in spiritual teachings. Simple review of Einstein’s theory of relativity […]

S2E11 “Here Am I” – Dr. Mark Ehsani

The planets, stars and galaxies that fill the night sky obey elegant mathematical patterns: the laws of nature. Why does our Universe obey these particular laws? As a clue to answering this question, scientists have asked a related question: what if the laws were slightly different? What if it had […]

S2E2 A Fortunate Universe with Dr. Luke Barnes

On October 6, 2016, Ratio Christi was privileged to host Dr. Micah Green, Associate professor of Chemical engineering to discuss the common pitfalls in the science vs faith divide. From Bill Nye to Bill O’Reilly, the perennial debate between science and religious belief is plagued by shallow thinking and bad […]

S1E13 Faithful Science – Dr. Micah Green