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Andrew interviews Zach about his weird views on the evolution controversy. First, Zach surveys some of the popular views of creation (e.g. Neo-Ussherianism, day-age, observations of Moses, etc). Next, Zach argues that once we understand the Hebrew Bible in the literary context of the ancient Near East (ANE), most of the conflict between […]

S3E4 Evolutionary Creationism

October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenburg. To commemorate, we hosted a panel discussion between Catholic Aaron Barclay and Protestant Collin Moffett on the topic of sola fide (faith alone). Are Christians justified by faith in Christ alone and not […]

S3E3 God Dialogues – Faith Alone

In the Season 2 finale, Zach & Andrew sit down to talk with Dr. Neal Audenaert, Texas A&M Class of ‘01. Neal has worked on a wide range of projects in computer science and digital humanities such as the Special Divine Action Project sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. He is […]

S2E13 Dr. Neal Audenaert – Interview

A Bahá’í and Christian dialogue on the nature of humanity’s spiritual relationship with science. About: “Here Am I” in spiritual writings, or as Christ said it: “I Am”, is our gateway to a scientific and spiritual investigation of the nature of consciousness and its significance in spiritual teachings. Simple review of Einstein’s theory of relativity […]

S2E11 “Here Am I” – Dr. Mark Ehsani

The planets, stars and galaxies that fill the night sky obey elegant mathematical patterns: the laws of nature. Why does our Universe obey these particular laws? As a clue to answering this question, scientists have asked a related question: what if the laws were slightly different? What if it had […]

S2E2 A Fortunate Universe with Dr. Luke Barnes