S2E5 Theonomy

The Pentateuch contains the divinely revealed governing laws of the nation of Israel. All Christians recognize that part of that law has been fulfilled in Christ’s redeeming work on the cross and no longer is required by the people of God (for example, animal sacrifices). At the same time, we recognize some elements are still applicable today, for example the Ten Commandments and loving your neighbor as yourself (Levitcus 19:9-18). The question is where do we draw the line?

One highly controversial view is called “theonomy” (fromĀ theos meaning God andĀ nomos meaning law). Theonomists claim that not only the moral commands of the Pentateuch but also the civil code regarding property, criminals, and slaves obtain today. Is this a valid position? Should Christians instate the Levitical law in 21st century America? In this episode of Think Theism, Caroline guides us through the discussion.

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