S3E4 Evolutionary Creationism

Andrew interviews Zach about his weird views on the evolution controversy. First, Zach surveys some of the popular views of creation (e.g. Neo-Ussherianism, day-age, observations of Moses, etc). Next, Zach argues that once we understand the Hebrew Bible in the literary context of the ancient Near East (ANE), most of the conflict between scripture and evolution evaporates. Questions range from death before the Fall, literal Adam, and dino footprints.

The views expressed in this episode are those of Zach, Andrew, and the questioners and are not necessarily representative of Ratio Christi National. For more information on the unique beliefs of Ratio Christi National on the topic of origins, consult the Statement of Beliefs at this link.

Recommended Resources

  • The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Hesier (book) – introduces the ANE background of the Hebrew Bible
  • Reasons to Believe – ministry endorsing old-earth, progressive creation, day-age
  • BioLogos ministry endorsing evolutionary creationism

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