Meeting Dates and Locations Spring 2017

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January 19

What is “God”?

MSC 2500

January 26

The Good, the Bad, and God Part 1: Does God Ground Morality?

MSC 2500

February 9

The Good, the Bad, and God Part 2: Does Evil Disprove God?

MSC 2500

February 16

Does God Real? Cosmological Arguments

Rudder 501 new room!

February 23

Grill a Christian

MSC 2500

February 27

A Fortunate Universe with Dr. Luke Barnes

Rudder 601

March 2

Divine Names & Attributes with Imam Islam Mossaad Guest Lecture!

MSC 2500

March 9

 God’s Moral Commands with Rob Reed Guest Lecture!

MSC 2500

March 16

Spring Break


March 23

Leviticus in the Legislature? Theonomy

MSC 2500 

March 30

Origins of Life with Dr. Paul Nelson Guest Lecture!

MSC 2406 new room!

April 6

Determined to be Free

MSC 2500 

April 13

The Resurrection of Jesus

MSC 2505 new room!



MSC 2500 

April 27

Grill A Christian

MSC 2500 

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