Series: Think Theism

Aggies discuss important issues in theology, apologetics, philosophy, star wars, etc…

Andrew interviews Zach about his weird views on the evolution controversy. First, Zach surveys some of the popular views of creation (e.g. Neo-Ussherianism, day-age, observations of Moses, etc). Next, Zach argues that once we understand the Hebrew Bible in the literary context of the ancient Near East (ANE), most of the conflict between […]

S3E4 Evolutionary Creationism

October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenburg. To commemorate, we hosted a panel discussion between Catholic Aaron Barclay and Protestant Collin Moffett on the topic of sola fide (faith alone). Are Christians justified by faith in Christ alone and not […]

S3E3 God Dialogues – Faith Alone

In the Season 2 finale, Zach & Andrew sit down to talk with Dr. Neal Audenaert, Texas A&M Class of ‘01. Neal has worked on a wide range of projects in computer science and digital humanities such as the Special Divine Action Project sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. He is […]

S2E13 Dr. Neal Audenaert – Interview

A Bahá’í and Christian dialogue on the nature of humanity’s spiritual relationship with science. About: “Here Am I” in spiritual writings, or as Christ said it: “I Am”, is our gateway to a scientific and spiritual investigation of the nature of consciousness and its significance in spiritual teachings. Simple review of Einstein’s theory of relativity […]

S2E11 “Here Am I” – Dr. Mark Ehsani

The planets, stars and galaxies that fill the night sky obey elegant mathematical patterns: the laws of nature. Why does our Universe obey these particular laws? As a clue to answering this question, scientists have asked a related question: what if the laws were slightly different? What if it had […]

S2E2 A Fortunate Universe with Dr. Luke Barnes